The PoliticalPaige blog.

This BLOG provides commentary from a 'small-l" libertarian viewpoint on current events. The perspective is primarily political, often satirical, and never politically correct.

Between the two extremes of Social Conservatives and Libertarians seeking to sell off the national parks, there is a large and growing group of reasonable individuals who cling uncomfortably to the Republican Party as the only port in the storm, but who continue to hope for better options. Paige counts herself among those lost souls and speaks for some of them.

As a personal note, Paige holds a bachelor's degree in zoology, a minor in biochemisty, a doctorate of law, and dabbles in post-graduate biostatistics courses as relief from a steady diet of annoying political absurdities. She divides her time between a city in southern Florida and a mountaintop in North Carolina, where she builds furniture from roots and indulges in other eccentric hobbies. In between, she continues to earn a living.